Who We Are

What is a Patriot Cane?

A Patriot Cane is an American Veteran-made walking cane that has been engineered into a more stable and safe cane. With a strategically-designed lower solid steel core, Patriot Cane also provides self-protection.  Our canes are built to support all people, with weight and height in mind.  Style, safety, stability and security are our main goals.  We don't just make walking canes, we build them better.


My name is Ron; I am a Veteran with a special weapons background.  I became interested in forming this business because I felt vulnerable while using an ordinary cane. Like most people who use a walking cane, I felt like a target, alerting criminals that I was less able to defend myself, thus easy prey.  

I searched for a product that would provide stability and self-protection, if needed.  Not finding what I was looking for, I re-engineered the ordinary walking cane by using strong aircraft grade aluminum and integrating a lower solid steel core, resulting in Patriot Cane. It was such a success that I decided to share it with others.

Being Prepared is Better than Being a Victim

Our end user is anyone who feels vulnerable in public while walking with a cane or anyone who needs a cane for stability. Our aim is to enable all people looking for safety, security and stability with a product that provides the support needed, while also being very stylish.