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Pam S. -- Excellent craftsmanship!

I ordered this cane for my 86 year old veteran dad who has refused all forms of walking assistance. He was genuinely touched by the beautiful craftsmanship and the artwork sporting the Army logo. The cane is heavy and stable and the perfect compliment to his veteran hat. This cane made him feel good about using a cane! To me, that is priceless.

Just ordered a cane from you.  I'm 67 and female, wanted something I could also use as a weapon.  Thanks so much for your service and sacrifices.  @*****cat

Richard @radio_re*** wrote:  I got a Patriot Cane and it's awesome...if you need some extra support to help with walking, give Patriot Cane a shot. They do a good job ... these canes are very beautiful, and well made!

@Patriot Cane ... thanks for the follow.  I got one of your canes a while back.  Tremendous cane.  Great value, especially when you consider its extra utility.  @The Freeload**

Dear Fellow Patriot -- Your Patriot Canes are awesome.  You nailed it with your correct mind set of those who find themselves in need of support to walk.  Vulnerable!  These canes will give a boost of confidence to tough guys and gals who are adjusting to challenges with walking.  @CroweCove

 Folks, I own one of these canes, and I will tell you that these things are very special.  If you're in need of that "third leg" or you know someone who is, there is no better cane on the market.  They're strongly built, but have the additional benefit of being a useful self-defense item, something useful when you visually fall into what predators think of as "prey."  Sure, carry a concealed weapon, but remember that you will have this in your hand, and it will deliver powerful blows that will buy you the time to deploy that weapon.  I'm so in favor of the idea that I bought mine before I have need for it.  An older friend is having knee replacement surgery this summer, and when he can graduate to a cane, I'm buying him one.  They're that good.  @Freeholder  

Just to let you know, yesterday (9/27/18) the back wasn't too good so I was using the cane I bought from your FINE OUTSTANDING COMPANY.  Walking (not really well) to the car in Chicago, an individual decided I must be an easy target (I guess coloration and gray in the beard).  Long story made short, your product works great, and has no damage, thank you.  @Shepherd B*****

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ShephardBishop (MindsVet) Jun 13, 2018 writes: PatriotCane @TrotlineDesigns recommends a style of walking aide with an interesting background with the way the design was thought up and how they are manufactured. Check into his page, and the website. 

 I ordered the Air Force (yup, Air Force puke here) design; fortunately, I do not need one on a regular basis, but when the back goes out, they help getting around. 

The cane came in a short time later (they actually had to catch up on the USAF ones and it only took an extra day). It came well packed and in beautiful condition.

The paint and graphics were well done and look to last a long time with heavy use. I laser engraved my name on the lower shaft and that worked great. The paint was resistive enough that the 60 watt laser had to run it at 100% power and 30% speed, three times, which is what I use for glass (the hardest to work with and I only run that one time) which again tells me the paint is quality designed for heavy use without showing damage. 

So I took this to my American Legion Post to show it off. Without being told, all the members that picked it up referred to its weight and how it would make a great defensive item, if needed. 

Currently, the cane can actually stand on its own with the weight and the pad at the bottom. I figure that will change with use, but as far as I am concerned, it shows quality in construction and forethought in design. Overall, this is a great item to have when you need it. 

I figure when I have to go somewhere that I am unable to carry a weapon, I just claim back trouble and take the cane. It makes a great backup (like when I had to go into Chiraq for jury duty). The only problem I see is that I will have to order more for those Veterans that don't do too good on the computer. 


@Dogman1013 bought a U.S. Navy cane and writes:  If you use a cane, I would strongly recommend checking out @PatriotCane products.  Beautiful workmanship, attention to detail and better than any other on the market for self-defense.   Don't let the chronic pain decide how you will live your life.  PatriotCane can help you be more active while helping you stay safe and look stylish at the same time.

@Donna writes:  Just received our second cane.  It's beautiful.  Thank you and thank you for your service.

law___1:  My cane (U.S. Marine) is sooo special that I don't think I'll mind using one anymore.  (NJ)  OMG IT IS GORGEOUS.  HE LOVES IT.  Thank you for that.  It is stunning. (NJwife)

Honored and Humbled

Honored and Humbled

Honored and Humbled


Mrs. Lynn Bukowski writes:  I am writing to thank you for your generous donation of a U.S. Navy cane for my use as I recover from a serious broken leg and subsequent surgery.  That it was sent to me in honor of my husband, Master Chief Steve Bukowski, a U.S. Navy SEAL, touches my heart and makes me feel as though he is with me every step of my recovery.  I am honored and humbled...with grace and gratitude, Lynn Bukowski

Sallyanne Bachman

Honored and Humbled

Honored and Humbled


Ms. Bachman, once an opera star and  participant in musical theater, shows off her US Flag Patriot Cane.