Mission and Goals

Our mission is to introduce our superior walking canes to anyone who needs assistance in walking or feels vulnerable while using a cane.  We emphasize stability, safety and self-protection.  

Many veterans return home with PTSD and have no strong support system or even know what to do once they are home.  We at Patriot Cane know how important a support system is and aspire to offering help to those veterans.
Our ultimate goal is to develop an education program with the intent of hiring 100 veterans every year, educate them in the fields of welding, pipe cutting and customer relations, and placing them in long term jobs with businesses in their area.
We  further plan to offer housing to the veterans in our program if they need it; we will make sure they get the health care they need; and we will teach them new skills needed in America today.
We can't do any of this without the support of American patriots helping us along the way.   By purchasing our canes, you are helping support the veterans who need us the most.  Together, we become the support system needed by the men and women who served our great country.